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As one of San Antonio’s largest specialized furniture retailers, it is our mission to practice environmental sustainability throughout each stage of the design process. We believe this is essential to doing business responsibly. You will never find a straight-from-a-box, factory-made product at our gallery. All pieces are designed to last for generations, thus reducing waste. Our specialized knowledge in regards to the quality and material of each piece allows us to be as selective as possible when adding to our inventory.

We take pride in using all-natural materials, including leather, wood, iron, and copper, and use vintage, reclaimed wood derived from old haciendas. If a piece of furniture is crafted from new wood, we only offer pieces that use sustainable wood sources such as chamcha root or palmwood. Palm wood, a high-quality product similar to bamboo, is known to grow very rapidly and provides for a sustainable alternative to traditional lumber. These sources are better for your health considering they’re free of hormone disrupting xenoestrogens – BPA that is commonly found in plastic materials. BPA has been linked to obesity in children, infertility, the disruption of genes, and growth stimulation in cancerous cells. So, in our opinion, natural is not only the most beautiful, but also the most healthy!

In terms of our preserved, hand-made pieces, much of the textural design present in older reclaimed wood cannot be replicated by newer wood. Much of the wood was originally harvested over one hundred years ago, giving the wood immense stability and resistance to any chemical distortion or structural movement, etched by time.

Reclaimed Wood

Our Origins and Palmwood lines are dedicated to nature, and combine ethnic chic, traditional craftsmanship, and modern sensibility. Our eco-friendly Origins line of chamcha wood furniture only uses dead trees for production. Chamcha wood, a naturally organic and free-form material, is derived from a very fast growing Thai tree, called the Acacia Tree. Acacia Trees typically grow to be almost 200 feet tall, with crooked, sprawling limbs. When dead acacia trees are carved to be used for tables, chairs or even artwork, the wood features large, beautiful wood grain patterns. It is this distinct pattern of the wood grain and sap lines that create elegant, one-of-a-kind, functional furniture.

Most importantly, we believe the sustainable quality of our creations stem from something greater than design or historical trends. It represents our cultural attitude toward nature, our thirst to be connected to it, and our appreciation of it’s timeless beauty.