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Practicing Environmental Sustainability

By Practicing Environmental Sustainability

As one of San Antonio’s largest specialized furniture retailers, it is our mission to practice environmental sustainability throughout each stage of the design process. We believe this is essential to doing business responsibly. You will never find a straight-from-a-box, factory-made product at our gallery. All pieces are designed to last for generations, thus reducing waste. Our specialized knowledge in regards to the quality and material of each piece allows us to be as selective as possible when adding to our inventory.

We take pride in using all-natural materials, including leather, wood, iron, and copper, and use vintage, reclaimed wood derived from old haciendas. If a piece of furniture is crafted from new wood, we only offer pieces that use sustainable wood sources such as chamcha root or palmwood. Palm wood, a high-quality product similar to bamboo, is known to grow very rapidly and provides for a sustainable alternative to traditional lumber. Read More